Monday, 1 July 2013

Where to get latisse?

Short description
Latisse is a product that is used by people suffering from eyelash hypotrichosis. As a result of this condition such people cannot grow long or thick eyelashes and their eyelashes are less prominent than an average person’s. These people may even have brittle eyelashes due to which their eyelashes break upon the slightest touch. If they know where to get Latisse their problems may be resolved, the thickness and length of the eyebrows would improve and be enhanced and one needn’t worry about these issues again.
Action mechanism
Basically Latisse increase the growth phase of the eyelashes on the eyelids while simulating the hair follicles in the eyelids so that eyelashes can grow. If you know where to get Latisse you would be able to enjoy the benefits it would provide you with- namely, better eyelash growth and thickness.
The only place you can buy Latisse is at a pharmacy. Since the product is a controlled one you would need a prescription. It is not a solution that just about anyone can pick up and use at the pharmacy. Due to its repercussions one would have to apply it carefully.
Latisse must be applied once a day, every day of the week to take effect. The dosage must not be increased or doubled in case a day is skipped for any reason. This will not help in any way and it will not compensate for the dosages missed either. Also, it would be better to apply this on to your eyelashes before you fall asleep.
Mode of administration and tips how to apply and use
The good thing about this product is that once you know where to get Latisse you could use the product at home rather than going to a doctor or a pharmacist.
Wipe off any dirt, dust or make up and dip a Q-tip into the solution. Apply this along the eyelash. Application must be from the lower margin of the upper eyelid to the tip of the eyelid if you want this to work in an effective manner.
Contraindications, warnings and caution
Be sure to remove any dirt off of your face and do get a prescription once you find a store where to get Latisse from. If you have a skin condition or the tendency to develop one, talk to a doctor prior to receiving the prescription.
Side effects
Common side effects include moderate to mild ones such as itchiness, redness, wateriness or dryness of the eye, irritation in the eye, slight inflammation of the eyelid, reduced liver function and sensitivity to light.
Serious side effects include dizziness, inflammation of the eyelids or headaches.
Do consult your doctor before you find out where to get Latisse because you may be given a better alternative- one that befits your situation rather than one that may make matters worse for you.
Interesting fact
Since Latisse consists of bimatoprost, if it falls elsewhere on the body it may cause hair to grow in that specific area.
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